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Calcium, magnesium and sulphur are known secondary nutrients. Each is having definite roll to play. It is best of soil conditioner. Green's play a vital role in supplying the above mentioned nutrients to the plant. The secondary nutrients like sulfur (s), magnesium (mg) and calcium (ca), do not always get the recognition of some others, but they are essential and play key roles in the growth and health of plants, animals, and humans. They have been called the“synthesizers” because of their functions in living organisms. Many factors can affect the availability of these three nutrients to plants. The best estimates of their availability can be determined by soil analysis or a combination of soil and plant analyses. However, field observations and deficiency symptoms are also important diagnostic tools.

Calcium plays an important role in lengthening the roots and shoots and there by improving the growth and development in plants calcium requirement of yielding plant is quite high and it is more during the flower setting and seed ripening. 90% of calcium uptake is during flowering and pod formation stages. An important aspect of calcium nutrition in coffee and tea is that the calcium taken up by the plant from soil will remain in the leaf tissues, and will not movefrom the leaves to the developing pods where its requirement is high. For this reason calcium should be sufficiently available in the podding zone at peg formation stage to pod maturity. To get good yields of quality crop, adequate  amount of calcium should be present in the soil from early flowering of the crop onwards.
Calcium as calcium pectate is an important constituent of cell wall and required for cell division. It is a structural component of chromosomes. It includes stiffness to straw and there by tends to prevent lodging. It enhances the nodule formation in legumes, helps in translocation of sugars, neutralizes organic acids which may become poisonous to plants. It is an essential co-factor or an activator of number of enzymes. It improves the intake of other plant nutrients, specially nitrogen and trace elements by correcting soil pH. Excessive amountsof calcium can decrease the availability of many micronutrients.
Deficiency of calcium lead to 'die back' at the tips and margins of young leaves. Normal growth of plants is arrested i.e., roots may become short, stubby and bushy, leaves become wrinkled and the young leaves of cereal crops remain folded. The acidity of cell sap increases abnormally and it hampers the physiological function of plant. As a result of which plant suffers and causes the death of plant at last.


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